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April’s Story

April Maey’s soul rooted in Alternative Rhythm and Blues music. R&B is a fitting conduit for her to tell authentic stories and express her emotions. April navigates the space of music with a backpack full of melodies, and an expert approach to lyrical storytelling.

“I’m very focused on artistic expression, but my sound ranges from soulful to rhythmic and introspective to expansive in its scope, making it more than lyrical storytelling.”

In March 2020, April launched her first EP entitled ‘Ticket to Anywhere’. This first set of tunes gave listeners a taste of April Maey by virtue of her range of melodies from razor sharp to smooth and whimsical. The EP successfully captured the sound and style of an eclectic artist who was beginning to pique listeners’ interests as a result of her remarkable vocals and originality.

April Maey continues to release music that cuts through a diversity of audiences from West Africa to Europe. Her July 2021 single ‘Sweatshirt’ was a wholesome number on self-acceptance, accompanied with bright and playful visuals. April Maey crafts powerful songs with a style that is whimsical, delicate and true to its core.

April’s latest offering chronicles a love affair gone sour in a song titled “Far Away,” produced by Grammy-nominated producer Chopstix (Last,Last). “Far Away” was mixed and mastered by Citymonstar. Its release comes along with picturesque visuals shot on location in Belgium.


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